Enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership, at a fraction of the cost.


Rather than purchasing an entire aircraft, buy into one of ours. Each owner has an undivided interest in the aircraft and the portion of ownership may be sold at any time. Your percentage of ownership determines the number of days each year you have access to the aircraft, with unlimited flight hours. Scheduling is on a first come / first serve basis. There are no additional maintenance fees and Central Flying Service manages the entire process for you. It's never been easier to own your own airplane.

  • Buy what you need
  • Guaranteed costs
  • Fly when and where you want
  • Professionally managed
  • Affordable, hassle-free ownership.

For more information, contact:

Phil Gustafson
(501) 975-9328
[email protected]
Taylor McGrew
(501) 975-9685
[email protected]
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